LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — As tough as a ticket to the upcoming NLCS, featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers, may be to get, finding a parking space at the stadium may be even more difficult.

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The Dodgers are heading to the National League Championship Series after defeating the Atlanta Braves three games to one in the Divisional Series, and the club’s post-season popularity is skyrocketing.

Following the Dodgers’ series-clinching 4-3 comeback victory over the Braves in Game 4 on Monday night, the parking lots were absolutely jammed with cars trying to leave the stadium.

It was the overcrowding of the lots before the game, however, that posed the bigger issue.

“They said lot was full, sorry, turn around and try somewhere else,” Game-4 ticket-holder Preethi Chand said.

Chand, like a number of fans, was turned away from parking at the stadium, as the lots were already occupied to maximum capacity. She eventually found a spot some 20 minutes later in a nearby residential area.

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“Ahead of us, they were actually turning people away, saying the lot was full, so it was really frustrating and people started cutting each other off and drivers were getting really aggressive,” Chand said.

Dodger Stadium is already infamously known for its traffic difficulties, and while similar events have occurred in the past, the post-season sell-out crowds are exposing the issue to a new degree.

“(The) Dodgers parked something like 20,000 cars in Monday night’s division win against the Atlanta Braves, and unfortunately we had to turn away a few hundred fans,” Renata Simril, who works for the organization, said.

The stadium is saying that, in order to ensure that you will get a spot, you can purchase a prepaid parking pass online for $10.

Another option is to take the shuttle that runs from Los Angeles Union Station to the ballpark. The shuttle is free of charge, provided that you have a game ticket.

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The stadium expects that parking at the stadium will be sold out for the remainder of the post-season.