As the number of independent film productions continues to rise in the coming years, so will employment levels for self-employed producers and directors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 16 percent increase in job opportunities will stem from media companies that are experimenting currently with post-modern methods to deliver entertainment content to the public. The most common modes of procedure include mobile and online television capabilities.

(Photo Courtesy of Aditya Nair)

(Photo Courtesy of Aditya Nair)

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“The age of the internet has provided livelihoods to successfully fund, make and promote our films,” said Aditya Nair, a Los Angeles-based independent editor and director. “We now have online platforms like YouTube and Vimeo to showcase and advertise our projects.”

Nair, who has earned degrees in filmmaking from New York Film Academy and Los Angeles City College, said the field of dreams for freelance filmmakers is fertile.

“Film schools have increased the number of film classes just to accommodate an overflow of film students,” Nair said. “There are also incredible crowd-funding opportunities.”

What persuaded you to enter the film industry?

“We’re in a position to shape the human mind, utilizing the stories we tell. That sense of power, the power to change, inspired me.”

In the role of director, what is your primary function?

“The director’s mind holds the story during production. A director is head creative and all the departments are at his disposal to take advantage of his ingenuity how he wishes and within the budget provided. His vision makes or breaks the film.”

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As an editor, what does your position entail?

“An editor is almost like a director’s own conscience, a voice that constantly debates and questions the decisions made during post-production. Apart from being current on the latest technology and software I use, I gain the trust of the director and help him tell his story.”

In what way has filmmaking changed since 2010?

“There is amazing software at our disposal to help jazz up productions, curve a celebrity’s hip line, paint out mistakes or even add pieces of furniture to a scene. It’s incredible how much we are capable of accomplishing due to the evolution of our digital age.”

In what way will independent filmmaking advance by the year 2020?

“Digital technology for capturing, editing, coloring and adding visual effects to our films will become more affordable and better in quality.”

What is your advice to novice filmmakers?

“Always ask questions and reach out to other filmmakers online. There are many industry professionals that love talking about the industry and can help you. Respect the people you work with and do more than is required. There is only one goal and that is to make a good and entertaining product. And always believe in yourself and your taste.”

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