STUDIO CITY ( — October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month!

Stephanie Thomas visited the KCAL9 studios Wednesday to share some tips for those living with disabilities and information about ways to take their presentation up a notch for your job interview!

Thomas says there is a great clothing line for seated body types called IZ Adaptive. Created by Izzy Camilleri, one of Canada’s premiere fashion designers and designer to stars like Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Mark Walberg and David Bowie, Izzy set out to create one of the first extensive adaptive apparel lines for men and women living with disabilities.

For ladies:
Black Pencil Skirt – made from a washable stretch fabric for comfort and cut for a seated position with no fabric bulk in front.

Keep your Legs Together – This knee band allows both for modesty and normalizes the experience for those who have lost control over their legs from a spinal cord injury or any type of paralysis.

White Magnetic Closure Shirt – great for people with dexterity issues, like arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease or those with missing digits.

Black Ladies Jacket – cut higher in back and longer in front with no excess fabric.

For Men:
Navy Elastic Waist, Tear Away Pants – with full zippers on both sides of the pant for easy dressing and an elastic waist for comfort. The legs are also longer for a seated body type – back higher. Promotes and dignity and independence.

Jacket and Shirt – cut longer in front and shorter in back with no excess fabric.

So we’ve dressed our bodies, but how about our feet?

If you have feet that are different sizes, you are not alone! Surprisingly, one in ten of us have greater than a whole size difference.

Feet can be odd sized for several reasons. Sometimes feet just grow a little differently, but others problems with physical disabilities such as arthritis, polio, club foot, and elephantiasis can be the cause.

To help, Nordstrom offers their Split-Shoe Service:

This service offers a pair of shoes in two different sizes to customers with a size and a half or larger difference in their feet. The split pair is sold at the same price as one matched pair and is available at all store locations, online or over the phone.

For individuals who are in need of only one shoe due to amputation or a birth defect, Nordstrom offers their Single-Shoe Service. This online service offers single shoes at $26 each, plus tax. Information and request forms can be found at

Covering up birthmarks, skin issue, etc.:

For individuals who may have scars, birthmarks or other skins issues on their face, neck or arms; feeling confident really can be skin deep.

Whether these issues stem from permanent or temporary injuries, covering up is key.

Beauty-retailer Sephora has created the Color IQ system. Teaming up with Pantone, Sephora offers the first and only beauty service to scan the surface of your skin, assign it a Color IQ number and then find your scientifically precise foundation match from over 1,500 options. The free service takes about 5 minutes in the store and removes all the guess-work out of finding your perfect color to cover-up.

For more ideas, visit Stephanie online.


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