As the concept of cloud computing soon becomes a norm, the technology sector in Los Angeles has been leading California’s economic recovery. It’s a common buzz word that permeates the business world as companies continue looking for ways to centralize their operations and streamline the way they manage their business, both on-site and remotely, in the most synergistic way possible. In light of this growing trend, an education in technology is almost essential to achieving career success, no matter what field you are in.

(Photo Courtesy of Nic DeVos

(Photo Courtesy of Nic DeVos

Nic DeVos, a web developer at iDrive, believes cloud computing is the way of the future and that we are still very much on the leading edge of it. Since graduating with a computer science degree from The Master’s College, DeVos has been involved in several startups and has learned to value his education whenever he faces an unfamiliar computer language.

What advice do you have for someone starting an education in computer science?

“When I was taking my first computer science classes in college, I would get frustrated because my professors preferred to talk more at a ‘theory’ level then a ‘practical’ level. In retrospect, learning the theory was more beneficial to my career than mastering one specific language in light of evolving technologies. Understanding common basics of every programming language made it easier for me to expand my skills and grow my career.”

“I was able to apply the fundamentals and core principles that were taught in the classroom when I would do projects and coding on my own. For me, this is the best way to learn.”

How has your education made an impact on your career?

“One of the biggest ways my education has made an impact on my career success was learning the process of work. The education system really does prepare you for the real world. No matter what assignment, big or small, my education has taught me how to complete tasks and the process that one should follow to see it through,”

“While a formal education in technology may not be an absolute requirement for a career in this field, I believe that earning one has been very useful in helping me understand computers rather intricately. If you have a strong knowledge of computer programming and have a basic understanding of managing databases, then you’ll have a better chance of getting the job over someone who didn’t.”

What advice do you have for someone considering a career in computer science?

“If you are considering a career in technology, stop thinking and just do it. I love my job. It is both challenging and new every day. Those involved in the information technology industry will be solving the world’s biggest problems in the future, without a doubt. If you are a tinkerer and problem solver, I don’t think there is any better field to be in.”

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