SANTA CLARITA ( — A local family is honoring their late sister’s memory by making and selling a tasty caramel treat she created.

Arlene Morse said her sister, Lisa, started the tradition of baking in the family.

“She always had the knack for baking. Every year, she used to bake a special recipe of hers, along with cookies and cakes, and we all celebrated all the time together,” said Morse.

One day, however, food—the very thing she loved—led to Lisa’s untimely death.

“Unfortunately, in 2005, she had gone to the mall, and she had eaten some lunch, and when she came home, she got very ill,” said Morse.

Lisa was diagnosed with pancreatitis. After more complications and seven years in a care facility, she passed away in 2012.

“At that time, we stopped baking as a family. What happened was, I didn’t want to do her recipe anymore because it reminded us so much of her,” said Morse.

Before Lisa got sick, she created a baked good she called “Caramel Crunch.” Only her sisters knew the recipe. Lisa had hoped she could take it public.

“Everybody was always telling me that she should be selling it. She was in the process of doing that. It was one of her dreams,” said Morse.

To celebrate Lisa’s life and to honor her dream, the family started to bake together again, slowly perfecting Lisa’s sacred recipe.

“Kids was one of her favorite things to take on projects for. She was a Girl Scout leader. So we’re looking for different charities and a good part of the business will be in her name,” said Morse.

The snack is officially called “My Sister’s Caramel Crunch” with a photo of Lisa on the label.

The family is selling the product online and at the Studio City Farmers Market.

As for the secret ingredient…

“It’s our sauce. It’s like no other sauce,” said Morse.


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