LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE (  — A La Cañada Flintridge neighborhood is concerned about the safety of their pets after a dog almost died from eating a meatball laced with poison.

KNX 1070’s Megan Goldsby reports residents on Hampstead Road said at least four dogs have been poisoned within the last eight years.

Dan Horwath, the owner of 7-year-old June, said his dog nearly passed away a few weeks ago after consuming the poisoned meatballs.

“She was just lethargic, confused, tripping,” he said.

Horwath said June was playing in the yard and brought up a meatball filled with pills. He then searched the grounds for more.

“And I found two more balls just like that full of gopher poison and the pills,” he said.

Horwath speculates the balls were thrown into his yard from a trail near his property that is frequented by dozens of people every day.

The veterinarian determined the pills were strychnine, a toxic pesticide that can be lethal.

“She would probably have been dead. It was really touch and go that evening,” said Horwath.

Four years ago, Horwath said his other dog, Benny, was poisoned and survived.

In 2009, his first dog died after experiencing the same symptoms.

“I believe that he was poisoned, yeah, I do, but there’s no report, there’s no proof,” Horwath said.

Horwath’s next door neighbor, who didn’t want to be on-camera, said her dog died from poisoning eight years ago.

Horwath said he wants to warn others about the situation.

“To other dog owners, watch your dogs,” he said.

Police told CBS2’s Andrea Fujii that they’re investigating the incidents.

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