SANTA MONICA ( — A Venice woman has pledged to eat, sleep and practice yoga on a Santa Monica building’s rooftop until she’s able to raise the funds she needs to help those suffering from eating disorders.

At 15, Chelsea Roff suffered from anorexia.

“I was walking through a Whole Foods, I was under 60 pounds and had a stroke in the Whole Foods,” she said.

Nine years later, the 24-year-old credits yoga with saving her life.

“Yoga forced me to feel my body again,” she said.

On July 30, Roff launched an Indiegogo campaign called Yoga for Eating Disorders. Her plan is to raise $50,000 to bring yoga to treatment centers nationwide at no charge; to collect information for an evidence-based study on the treatment’s effectiveness; and to offer talks to middle and high schools.

On Sept. 15, Roff climbed on top of the Tao Healing Arts Center building on Main Street (AKA the ‘You Are Beautiful’ building) and will stay there until she reaches her money goal.

“I am not leaving this roof until all the funds for Yoga for Eating Disorders are raised,” she said.

People can watch Roff via a 24-hour live-stream on the website Occupy You Are Beautiful.

Roff said fans are watching and commenting.

“They say, ‘Good morning, Chelsea, how did you sleep?’” she said.

People also ask another interesting question.

“Everybody asks, ‘How are you going to the bathroom?’” she said.

Roff told KCAL9’s Melanie Woodrow that she creates privacy with a sheet.

“And then I come out with a sealed Tupperware container,” she said.

Roff said a private foundation offered to match the next $10,000 she raised.

“There was a time I used my willpower to starve myself to death, and now I know how to channel it toward healthier goals. I think the world will be better with this project in it,” she said.

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