FILLMORE ( — A 41-year-old Fillmore woman has died from injuries she suffered when a handheld propane torch exploded at a backyard cookout over the weekend.

Authorities said Astrid Marmont was killed and her 38-year-old husband suffered critical injuries after the propane tank burst and sent shrapnel into the victims Sunday night at a home in the 1000 Candelaria Lane.

Rick Nance was one of many neighbors who ran to the house after hearing screams for help.

“I was doing what I could for her, but there was not much they could do, you know?” he said. “This situation, I’ve never heard of it. I hope to never see it or hear about it again.”

Chief Rigo Landeros of the Fillmore Fire Department responded to the scene and explained what he believed happened.

“They lit the charcoal barbeque with the device. They set it on the side of the barbeque, right on the shelf. The container was getting heated by the radiant heat from the actual barbeque itself. The canister actually exploded,” he said.

Landeros said the gas inside the propane tank expanded and ultimately caused the explosion.

He said people should read the instructions on the canister to avoid a similar occurrence.

“Store (the propane torch) in a cool place. When you’re using it, do not expose it to radiant heat,” said Landeros.