To prosper in the complex world of competitive enterprise, industrious companies must rely on the right type of expert that has intelligent reasoning to help the organization grow. The role of a senior business manager is particularly fundamental in the greater Los Angeles area, home to more than 244,000 businesses.

(Photo Courtesy of Robert Puro)

(Photo Courtesy of Robert Puro)

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Assuming the role of a business manager is a tall order, considering employment in this field is expected to grow by only five percent between now and the year 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means applicants will continue to face strong rivalry in coming years.

Experts say the local industries currently seeking qualified business managers include banking and finance, advertising and high-technology.

“These industries are looking for business managers who can point to concrete successes in their past managerial experiences, such as money raised, revenues generated by marketing campaigns and creative strategies that they have used to grow the business,” said Robert Puro, co-founder and managing partner at Seedstock, an LA-based company dedicated to promoting organic farming and sustainable living.

Puro, who has previously held business development and marketing positions at such companies as Yahoo!, said handling the business end of his own company carries favorable consequences.

“The pros range from being able to make my own schedule to having control over all business decisions from hiring to marketing and sales,” said Puro; who earned his master’s degree in business administration from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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“Every major decision that I make must be weighed very carefully,” Puro said. “A wrong decision could result in the loss of potential revenue, reputation damage or slow the growth of the company.”

“Adaptability is the key to remaining at the top,” said Puro, who is credited with helping Warner Music Group develop and implement a mobile music strategy that resulted in offsetting unwarranted losses due to digital music piracy.

“Industries change overnight, and if you can’t pivot and learn the next important skill or strategy that is going to enable your company to continue to profit and generate returns, then you and your business are not going to survive.”

His advice to those entering the business management field?

Puro’s advice to those who are looking to enter the field of business management, “take courses in areas of business that you don’t know about in order to grow your skill set. Increase your perspective and make yourself into a more well-rounded business management professional.”          


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