LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — No need to wait for a New Year’s resolution, with just a few simple tips you can be in shape before the holidays!

Terry Stanley, a fitness instructor at Burbank Athletic Club, is encouraging her health-conscious clients to follow the Holiday Body Blast Plan, a 60-day program that fast-forwards fitness goals months before the holiday season.

“Buffets, potlucks, holiday cocktail dinners. This season is built, it is designed to sabotage your fitness. What if we could create a program, pre-holiday, to get in fighting shape before Halloween?” she asked CBS2’s Suzie Suh.

Stanley said the idea is to develop good habits and focus on diet and fitness now so you don’t have that holiday hangover come New Year’s.

“Sometimes people get to that point in the holidays where they say never mind, I’ve already messed up my diet, I’ve already messed up my gym routine, why I don’t I just keep the party going? You might only gain one or two pounds at the end of the year but you might lose a fraction of that next year,” she explained.

Stanley pushes her clients to practice efficient exercise to prevent the scale from creeping up.

“Even if it’s just, ‘I’m gonna work as hard as I possibly can for 15 minutes then I’m gonna take it easy for 15 and then I’m gonna work hard for 15,’ you have to have a goal,” she said.

She also advises confusing the body by changing up workout routines and performing full-body exercises like squats, modified jumping jacks and burpees.

But fitness experts say you can’t just stop at the gym – you have to apply that same mindset to what you eat.

“Just break it down to the most basic level. Like I’m gonna have protein, and grain and vegetables and fruit,” Stanley said.

Joy Isib, a mother-of-two from Burbank, says the program is so far working for her. She’s mindful of her healthy habits during the week because in her family, every weekend feels like a holiday indulgence.

“I make sure I eat a balanced diet, and on the weekend because that’s my free day, then I eat whatever my kids eat,” she laughed.

Stanley urges those who may want to try the program but fear they lack discipline to start small.

“Park far away, take the stairs, make your life a gym,” she said. “Maybe you’ll make better choices toward the end of the year. Maybe you won’t load up your plate quite as much as you would have before. You’re gonna see results that make you feel encouraged to keep going.”

For more information about the Holiday Body Blast Plan, visit Stanley’s website.

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