SEAL BEACH ( — The city of Seal Beach voted unanimously Monday night to create a 45-day moratorium on electronic cigarette vendors, smoke shops and drug paraphernalia retailers.

E-cigarettes, or battery-operated devices that use liquid nicotine rather than tobacco and create a vapor inhaler, have come under increased scrutiny for its potential health and consumer risks.

Supporters, however, claim the secondhand vapor from an e-cigarette is no more harmful than water vapor.

KCAL9’s Melanie Woodrow reported that the city council wants more time to review the issue and will meet again prior to the 45 days. After that, they have the option of extending the waiting period all the way to 10 months.

“The city of Seal Beach needs time in order to explore this new trend and determine whether or not there’s any potential impacts,” said Jim Basham, the city’s Director of Community Development.

Lawmakers in February introduced State Senate Bill (SB) 648, which extends the existing restrictions and prohibitions against the smoking of tobacco products by including electronic cigarettes, but the Assembly has yet to approve the legislation.

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