SANTA ANA ( — Police have identified the suspect wanted for a deadly hit-and-run crash as a documented gang member on probation.

Two men were killed when a black Audi collided into a black Nissan just after 11 a.m. Friday at Cabrillo Park Drive and Fruit Street, across from the Matchpoint Tennis Academy at Cabrillo Park.

According to Santa Ana police Corporal Anthony Bertagna, the Audi was traveling at a high rate of speed and ran a stop sign, crashing into the Nissan. The two men inside the Nissan were declared dead at the scene.

The driver of the Audi was identified as 21-year-old Jorge Ocampo, who lives a few miles from where the accident occurred.

Witnesses told police that the Audi’s driver got out and checked both doors of the Nissan. When he couldn’t get in through either door, he walked away east on Fruit while talking on a cell phone.

The driver was last seen turning into a condominium complex, which authorities included in their search as they scoured the neighborhood for the suspect, Bertagna said.

The passenger was last seen northbound on foot on Cabrillo Park Drive, he said.

Neighbors reported the Audi may have been racing and others thought they saw the driver and passenger texting.

“That I don’t know, obviously,” Bertagna said. “The driver walked away talking on his phone, so that’s totally possible. I don’t have that information.”

Santa Ana resident Jasmin Guillen told CBS2/KCAL9’s Michele Gile she knew the two men who died and had ran out to the car to check on them. She said the passenger, 50-year-old Juan Jose Luna Castro, was a father who worked as a groundskeeper at her apartment complex, The Redwoods. She also knew the driver, 53-year-old Alejandro Bravo, who was a father who lived at the complex.

Guillen said Bravo was completely unconscious when she approached the vehicle and Luna moved slightly when she called his name. The two men reportedly died shortly thereafter.

Witnesses gathered at a vigil Friday night in honor of the two men, who relatives say were best friends. The two were out driving to get supplies for a community bbq on Saturday.

Authorities suspect someone is helping Ocampo elude authorities. They say he has ties to the Tustin area.

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