SAN DIEGO ( — A spokesperson for the DiMaggio family says Jim DiMaggio’s sister has DNA samples from her brother and that she would like to use them to determine whether he fathered kidnapping victim Hannah Anderson and her 8-year-old brother, Ethan, whom DiMaggio killed.

The family suspects that DiMaggio may have had a physical relationship with Christina Anderson — whom DiMaggio also killed. They say DiMaggio, not Brent Anderson, may be their father.

DiMaggio’s sister was removed as a beneficiary of his life insurance in 2011, which was changed to benefit Hannah’s paternal grandmother, Bernice.

“He had stayed with Bernice while he was saving up money to get his house, so he trusted Bernice,” DiMaggio family spokesman Andrew Spanswick said. “So he believed she was the solid matriarchal figure in the family that was responsible and would take care of the kids if anything happened.”

An Amber Alert was issued Aug. 5 after DiMaggio’s house was found in flames. The bodies of Christina and Ethan Anderson were found inside the burned out structure.

Hannah was later located in Idaho with DiMaggio, who was shot and killed by FBI agents.

Brent Anderson says speculation about who the real father is is “disgusting.” Meanwhile, the DiMaggio family suggests that they are still friends.

“Lora DiMaggio, in fact, called Brent and had a two-hour conversation where they shared their mutual grief and loss over all the victims involved,” Spanswick said.

The DiMaggio family is claiming that the talk of paternity tests is about answers, and has nothing to do with money.

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