Mobile technology is fast becoming a critical component of every business strategy. In fact, more and more people are using their phones to search for people, places, products and services. It’s a trend one local business owner believes many companies have yet to fully embrace as the percentage of mobile devices driving traffic to websites continues to increase in comparison to laptops and desktops.

Web Design & Development Company Owner Eric Iverson (photo courtesy of Eric Iverson)

Web Design & Development Company Owner Eric Iverson (photo courtesy of Eric Iverson)

“The most important thing that companies are still not focusing on is making sure their websites are at least mobile-friendly,” says Eric Iverson, the owner of Extima website development and online marketing firm based in Manhattan Beach. As an entrepreneur in his field, he is responsible for not just website development but also for sales, customer service, accounting and human resources. Iverson attributes much of his ongoing success to his studies at California State University of Chico where he earned a bachelor of arts in music industry and technology.

From Guitar Player to Web Developer

Iverson learned a lot about the music business at Chico University. In fact, he acquired some very handy web development skills, which he later applied as a freelance web designer when he started touring with a band as a guitar player after graduating. In between shows, Iverson started working with a business incubator as part of a design and development team that helped qualified entrepreneurs bring their vision to life. “It was an amazing experience because it allowed me to search out the newest technologies and figure out ways to build custom database-driven sites based on ideas that were brand new and had never been tried,” says the the South Bay web developer. “It also gave me the opportunity to develop systems for a wide range of business models, giving me a very well-rounded view of how different businesses run. These skills and knowledge were invaluable in preparing me to run my own business.”

Every Successful Business Has a System

Iverson’s study of music and business was not all music notes and sound technology. The most important class Iverson remembers taking actually had the biggest impact on his career success. “My Intro to MIS (Management Information Systems) class gave me insight into how companies were using automated systems to run their business and how much a great system can improve a company’s final product and bottom line,” says the Chico graduate. It also taught him the very basics of HTML and databases which made it easier for him to learn new programming languages on his own once he graduated college. Now, through his company Extima, he helps develop and build similar systems for his own clients.

Team Work in the Business World

Learning social dynamics through group projects, Iverson’s education showed him firsthand the value of teamwork. “Understanding team dynamic and working to make sure every team member is both performing and happy with their own performance is an important piece of running a company,” says Iverson.

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