POMONA (CBSLA.com)  — A speeding car came within inches of hitting two men and a teen in Pomona Thursday and the incident was caught on tape.

Rachel Kim, reporting for KCAL9, talked to the lucky survivors.

The car careened out of control and was going about 70 mph when it plowed into a car the men and teen were standing next to.

They all told Kim it was a miracle they survived. The car was inches from slamming into them when they standing in a Pomona parking lot.

“He must have been going about 70, easy. When I saw him walk out of that smoke, I was relieved. It’s a miracle,” said Daniel Archuleta.

The man and two friends had just stepped out of his Ford Flex when a Cadillac came from behind, slammed into their vehicle and sent it crashing into a wall.

“I heard my car get hit and when I finally turned around, I was up against the wall … and hoping the car wasn’t going to hit me,” said Archuleta.

The surveillance video, from 4 Wheels Unlimited, captured the scary moments Thursday afternoon.

Archuleta told Kim he gave his friend Eddie Correa and his son Matthew a ride to the store to pick up Correa’s truck.

Correa says he and his son were about five feet from the car when they heard it accelerating behind them.

“All I did is yell at my neighbor to run,” says Correa.

“It was like slow motion to me,” says Archuleta, “after that it was just a cloud of dust.”

The tire marks on the curb and the cracked walls of the store show the speed and impact of the crash.

Archuleta says a female passenger in the Cadillac said the male driver was trying to commit suicide when he sped up, jumped the curb, went airborne  and intentionally crashed.

Both men told Kim they felt lucky to be alive and were blessed they weren’t hurt.

The driver of the Cadillac is recovering from his injuries at a hospital.

His condition is unknown but police say when the man is released from the hospital they will interview him and determine whether he tried to commit suicide or whether he had a medical emergency.