SANTA ANA ( — A Santa Ana woman says she is traumatized after witnessing two dogs gang up and attack her beloved pet on a routine walk Friday.

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Stacy Malone said the two dogs, she believes they are pit bulls, came out of no where and attacked her beloved Sophie.

Her dog was bitten all over her legs, and had several deep cuts and lacerations. Sophie has a huge gash on her neck.

Malone now walks with a bat.

“It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced,” said Malone, who related her ordeal to KCAL9’s Cristy Fajardo.

She said the dogs never attacked her, they were fixated on Sophie.

“And they weren’t playing. Not from all the scars and stitches. This was no game,” Malone said, “They had her pinned on the ground and they were mauling her and snarling and growling and biting. Sophie looked up at me with those pretty yellow eyes and said ‘Mom, save me.'”

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Malone screamed and two neighbors came out to help.

Finally they were able to get the dogs — now being quarantined — off Sophie. Malone’s dog ran to safety but she was bleeding and badly hurt.

Malone said she’d never seen the dogs before. They weren’t wearing collars and when she checked the shelter this evening, the owner still had no shown up to claim the dogs.

“They shouldn’t be pet owners,” she said. “They shouldn’t take the responsibility of owning a pet when they can have a dangerous animal like that and they have it running the streets.”

Malone said she doesn’t feel threatened by the dogs but wants the story to be a lesson to all pet owners. She would also advocate tougher laws and perhaps a ban on certain breeds in residential neighborhoods.

“What if it had happened with a little kid out there,” Malone said.

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