LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Actress and Emmy-nominated soap producer Gail Kobe has died.

Kobe was 84. Some obituaries list her age as 82.

In her heyday as a producer, Kobe was executive producer of CBS’s “Guiding Light” (from 1982-1987), a producer of “The Bold and the Beautiful” (1987-1988), executive producer of NBC’s “Texas” (1981-82) and supervising producer for ABC’s “Edge of Night” (1979-1980.)

As an actress in the 50’s and 60’s, Kobe often guest-starred on prime time dramas. She was often cast as the angry or bitter wife or the doting mom.

Her first film break came playing “Pretty Slave Girl” in “The Ten Commandments.”

She earned an Emmy nomination for playing a doctor on “Dr. Kildare.”

She also appeared often on “The Twilight Zone,” “Perry Mason,” “Mission: Impossible” and more than 50 TV westerns.

In 1965, she would find steady work on the prime time sudser “Peyton Place” where she placed Doris Schuster. On daytime TV she played Ann Jones on the long-defunct “Bright Promise.”

Kobe was born in Hamtramck, Michigan. She reportedly died in Michigan on Thursday.

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