SAN PEDRO ( — Authorities Friday were warning residents of one Southland community to be aware of thieves who are allegedly lying in wait before breaking into homes.

Detectives said several homes in San Pedro have fallen victim to burglars with the same method of operation: they watch homes and wait until residents leave before breaking in.

San Pedro resident Joann Frisina was among the victims. She told CBS2’s Kristine Lazar that her 30-year-old wedding ring and most of her jewelry were taken when burglars ransacked her home last Thursday.

Frisina said the thieves also made off with a computer and the family safe that was full of important documents.

“It’s very scary to think that somebody was watching your home. And it’s very sad. We work for what we have and then somebody can just easily come in and take from you,” she said.

“Since I retired, I’m kind of on the spot watching a lot and I’ve noticed suspicious cars hanging around waiting for people to leave,” Danny Brunac, a longtime resident of San Pedro, said.

Brunac has decided to start a neighborhood watch program on his street in light of the rash of home burglaries.

Meantime, police warned residents to keep their doors and windows locked and report suspicious activity.

“Beware of whose in your neighborhood. Cars that don’t belong. And don’t be embarrassed to call the police if you see somebody that you don’t recognize in your neighborhood,” Frisina also cautioned.

Police said that in Frisina’s case, a neighbor did notice a strange man in a car but didn’t say anything until it was too late.


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