MONTEREY PARK ( — The Monterey Park City Council has proposed that all businesses and eateries in the city, where 67 percent of the population is of Asian descent, have at least one sign in the “modern Latin alphabet.”

The zoning code amendment, which could likely be adopted Aug. 7, seeks to enhance traffic safety and help emergency services. The city council said in any emergency response situation there has to be some kind of language that identifies the business for first responders.

The city’s fire chief, however, told KCAL9’s Suraya Fadel off-camera that they have no problem identifying the buildings through their GPS number-based system with the help of cross streets.

Council members also feel the proposed ordinance will help improve the aesthetic environment and overall appearance in Monterey Park, as well as facilitate public communication and promote economic advertisement development.

The signs have sparked a debate with residents.

“Why would you want to change the community? I think it makes it Monterey Park,” a woman said.


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