MURRIETA ( — Gruesome details are emerging in the story of a Riverside County man who has been charged with the murder of his 71-year-old grandmother.

Kyle McLean, 21, was charged with the murder of Catherine Sutton on Wednesday. He shared a home with Sutton who was reported missing last Sunday.

Sutton’s daughter told police she had not spoken to her mother for several days.

Authorities tells KCAL9’s Stacey Butler that after McLean murdered Sutton he put her in the trunk of his car.

Butler went to McLean’s last known address but neighbors didn’t recognize him.

She then went to his grandmother’s house where neighbors said McLean was a frequent visitor who had his own bedroom in the home.

Butler reported police visited the home last week to question McLean about some graffiti tagged on his grandmother’s fence. Neighbors said they never dreamed police would return to discuss Sutton’s murder.

“I never thought that would happen here, in Murrieta. It’s so nice, it’s so quiet,” said neighbor Jessica Hamacher. “It’s super quiet and family friendly.”

Officials say McLean drove around with Sutton’s body in his trunk as he tried to figure out ways to dispose of her. With his 18-year-old friend, Neil Erickson, authorities say the two went to Walmart and came out with machetes, gloves, bleach and beer.

McLean has been charged with murder and his friend charged as an accessory. Erickson has reportedly told police McLean showed him the body, laying face down, with a belt around its neck.

Investigators said they have not located the body or remains but did discover blood, mixed with bleach, in the suspect’s bedroom.

Officials said they also discovered the dead woman’s debit car and also methamphetamine.


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