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By Deb Flomberg

rsz hive The Hive Gallery And Studios: For The True Art Lovers

(Credit, Courtesy Jeff Jacobson The Hive Gallery)

If you appreciate fine art, then you are certainly already familiar with all the impressive and world renowned museums in Los Angeles and southern California. However, if you haven’t spent much time checkout out the smaller art galleries, then you are truly missing out. The Hive Gallery and Studios is located on South Spring Street in Los Angeles, and it is a fascinating and eclectic destination for anyone that is a true art lover. 

Since 2005, The Hive has been a showcase of local talent. This impressive art gallery features five different artists every month within two galleries, as well as the work of 25 working artists and an artist-made store. This isn’t your traditional quiet art museum; The Hive has always been on the cutting edge of the art scene in Los Angeles. As The Hive owners explain, “We seek to break down the quiet, traditional art-on-white-walls, viewing experience and create a gallery atmosphere that is as equally alive as its artwork.”

The type of art that you’ll find here is just as cutting edge, too. You’ll see many neo-pop illustrations, modern pieces, impressionist works and themes ranging from surreal to erotic. If you find a piece that you simply must add to your collection, you’ll be glad to know that The Hive operates on a low commission basis, making it affordable for the general public to purchase new art, while also making it more accessible for the artists themselves. With so many different artists working at The Hive Gallery and Studios, you’ll want to make a visit to this amazing gallery a regular event, as you’ll not want to miss out on any of the great art that is on display. Consider adding a trip to The Hive once a month; that way you know you’ll be able to catch it all. 

Make sure that you head out to The Hive in your 2013 C350 Sport Sedan from Mercedes-Benz of Encino. You’ll love being able to arrive at this hip studio in style, and you’ll have plenty of room should you find a piece of art (or three) that you simply must take home. You’ll even have room for a few friends, as you’ll want to make this trip something you enjoy with a few other art-lovers. And once you are all done, you’ll be glad to pile back into your stylish Sedan for a truly comfortable drive home. 

Deb Flomberg grew up in the mountains, developed a love for the beach and has found happiness on the open road. She is now a freelance writer, theater professional and travel enthusiast happy to be writing about the things she loves most.

This is a “sponsored post,” meaning the company who sponsored the article compensated me for writing the article. The opinions I have expressed, however, are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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