LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A driver’s choice of footwear could put them at risk behind the wheel.

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Kristin Herold, of Redondo Beach, is a self-proclaimed stiletto connoisseur. She told CBS2’s Stephanie Simmons that driving in them is just part of her daily life.

“You spend so much time getting ready. I just throw on the shoe and don’t think twice about driving in them,” she said.

Adrienne Savoy, a driving instructor for DriversEd.com, said the higher the heel, the more a person is in danger.

“When you’re wearing high heels, it’s nearly impossible for the heel to stay steady on top of the mat, which would delay the reaction time between the accelerator and the brake. Sometimes you only have a second to react, so that could be a split second you have to prevent a crash,” she said.

Heeled shoes aren’t the only problem, added Savoy.

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“Flip-flops are not recommended because they can fall off your feet and they can wedge underneath the brake and the accelerator,” she said.

A recent survey in Britain revealed 80 percent of women drivers chose fashion over safety. Forty percent said they wore high heels while driving.

The study also showed that 27 percent of men admitted to driving with flip-flops and even barefoot.

“I don’t think we draw enough attention to them until someone gets killed or something serious or a tragedy happens,” said Savoy.

Dr. Robert Lee, a podiatrist at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, recommends that women pack an extra pair of shoes and switch to heels after the drive.

“I think the natural inclination is to think that, ‘Hey, it’s a little more unstable when you walk in a high-heel.’ Perhaps maybe the same idea lends over to driving. Maybe it’s more unstable in that regard,” he said.

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Lee added, “I think it’s an individual determination if you’re wearing the shoe and you feel at all compromised in the way you drive then certainly you shouldn’t do it.”