HARBOR CITY (CBSLA.com) — Two Pit Bulls are being held at an animal shelter in San Pedro after witnesses said the animals attacked and killed two other dogs who were out for a walk with their owners.

Martha Duenas says her family’s Chihuahua, Rocky, was killed by the pit bulls during a walk with Duenas’ mother around 7 a.m. on Monday.

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“My mom was basically barely going to pick him up, and these dogs just come and attack him and they… she has him in her hands and the two pit bulls bite my dog’s neck and everything,” Duenas said.

Neighbors on the 1600 block of 257th street say that they saw the two pit bulls first charge a man who was walking his dog, killing the dog, before turning on Rocky.

“I peeked over and seen it,” witness Shaenae Green said. “The dogs were just like, ripping and attacking at the other dog.”

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The Los Angeles Police Department responded, and called in a helicopter to help track down the pit bulls. Authorities say there was a lot of urgency to find the dogs, following the deadly pit bull mauling that killed Pamela Devitt, 63, in Northern Los Angeles County in May.

The pit bulls were tracked down a couple of blocks from the scene of the attacks.

The dogs were reportedly cornered under a car and captured. The male pit bull was found with blood on his face, and the female did not.

The captured dogs are being held at the Harbor Animal Shelter in San Pedro.

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Los Angeles City Animal Services report that no humans were bitten by the pit bulls, and it is currently unknown whether or not the dogs are micro-chipped.