HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) —A casting call for a role in a new movie turned into a nightmare for dozens of young actresses.

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Katey Zouck, along with about 30 other women, went to South Los Angeles to audition for “May the Best Man Win,” a film about two men who try to outdo one another by pulling outrageous stunts.

Zouck said she immediately felt something was wrong.

“I felt really violated. I kept trying to reassure myself that this was legitimate,” she said.

Zouck’s aching feeling came true. She said a female crew member told her the audition was actually the film’s shoot.

“(She said), ‘This is a prank. The two casting directors are actually the lead actors of the film,’” she said.

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While Zouck decided to leave, some other women stayed behind.

They later told Zouck they were told to don blackface and asked to wear Hitler mustaches and yell Nazi propaganda.

“I felt so sick like somebody had punched me. I felt embarrassed, I felt like a fool, I felt like an idiot actress who had been tricked,” said Zouck.

She added, “We were pranked on the pretense of getting a job. We were brought in for work. That’s why it was wrong. It kinda took advantage of that vulnerability.”

The production company for the film, which is located in London, said the women were given an option for participating in the movie and paid about $50.

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The “joke” was to see how far a person would go if the material was off-color.