MALIBU ( — The battle over access to Malibu beaches has gone high-tech with a new iPhone app that shows the public how to get to the shore.

Ben Adair teamed up with Jenny Price to create the free app called “Our Malibu Beaches,” which spotlights the 17 public access ways to the coast that are tucked along the 20 miles of private development.

“Finding the access way can be really difficult. Some of them aren’t marked, a lot of them have misleading signs around them. Signs that say, ‘Permission To Pass,’ ‘Controlled By Owner’ or ‘No Trespassing.’ The app helps you steer around those things,” said Adair.

Some Malibu beachfront homeowners, however, think the app is a bad idea. They believe too many visitors come through and leave their garbage, sometimes use their property as a bathroom, and block driveways because there’s no parking.

“I don’t think it’s a snobby thing. It’s like letting someone into your backyard. You’re paying for the beach house and the property you own is technically the beach in front of your house,” said Emma Ravdin.

Adair disagrees with Ravdin’s point-of-view.

“There is no such thing as an all-private beach in California. This app is just as much about respecting private property as it is about respecting public property. The app walks you down the beach, house-by-house, and shows you here it’s OK to use the beach,” he said.

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