VENTURA ( — A Ventura man is recovering after two good Samaritans — and his German Shepherd — came to his aid.

Bob Jordan, 87, recently lost his wife of almost 60 years. Though he said the house has been lonely, his dog Cassie never leaves his side.

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After his wife died, the staff at the Animal Doctor, where Jordan has taken Cassie for ten years, said they would also watch out for him.

When Bob failed to show up for his weekly visit to the Animal Doctor to pick up medication for Cassie, veterinarian technician Trisha Springer knew something was wrong.

Springer immediately drove to Jordan’s home, where a sticker on the window said to call his neighbor in case of emergency.

“I was very scared, nervous,” said Springer. “Not knowing what was going to be behind those doors.”

Springer alerted neighbor Paul Napoleon. The two found Jordan on the floor of his bedroom.

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“I just went in and out of consciousness and kind of flailed around and had hallucinations,” said Jordan.

Jordan had fallen in the middle of the night and broken his hip. Unable to move, he had been on the floor for more than 24 hours.

His dog Cassie never left his side.

“It’s just the love for a man and his dog,” said Napoleon. “And a dog for his owner.”

Despite his injury, Jordan said he and Cassie are doing fine, though he acknowledges that the situation could have been much worse.

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“It could have been a very close call if it hadn’t been for these wonderful people,” he said.