SANTA MONICA ( — A woman who was shot four times when she came face-to-face with the Santa Monica shooter has been released from Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

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Debra Lynn Fine, 50, was shot in the ear and will likely have to live with shrapnel in her shoulder.

Her husband told The Associated Press that several of the bullets missed her vital organs by inches.

Fine, a mother of two teenagers, had never even been to the area before Friday. She was on her way home to change clothes, and with President Obama in town, she was taking unfamiliar side streets.

When she got to Kansas and Yorkshire, she saw carjack victim Laura Sisk and the shooter, John Zawahri.

“She got out of the car. He raised his gun and he’s aiming it at her…and I realized it was a rifle,” said Fine, who originally thought Zawahri may have been part of the president’s security detail.

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“Before I knew it, the first bullet came through the window,” said Fine. “It hit my shoulder. It felt like a big punch. I then started feeling the other bullets go in the other side and as I went down, I was yelling, ‘Enough! Stop! Just stop!’ I saw his gaze go straight from her into mine, straight into my eyes. It was the first time I’d ever seen somebody who was so intent and present and cold. He was just a robot. He’s emotionless. Very intense, very cold and just on a mission. On a mission to kill as many of us as of as he could.”

Fine was dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt that now has a gaping hole.

“This side is where the first set of bullets came in,” she showed CBS2’s Greg Mills. “I ducked. As I ducked, I heard the bullet go through my ear.”

The bullet took off part of her ear and left her hearing impaired, but in diverting the shooter’s attention, she likely saved Sisk’s life.

“I imagine. I believe I did,” she said.

Fine said she would like to meet Sisk at some point — when the time is right.

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