WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA.com) — A house in Woodland Hills has been sold — complete with nuclear fallout shelter.

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The shelter was built in 1961 by Alvin Kaufman, a nuclear engineer, and it is located about 15 feet below the property’s backyard.

“I didn’t expect it to look like this,” new owner Chris Otcasek said. “I guess I just figured it would be like a hole.”

Kaufman’s daughter, Debra, grew up in the house, and said that Kaufman built the shelter to protect his family from potential nuclear war.

“In that era, in the sixties, there was a much greater fear and feeling that a nuclear war was possible,” Debra said.

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Kaufman estimated that the shelter could sustain a family of four for a few weeks, which he felt was long enough to wait for the radiation to clear.

Among the many amenities found in the shelter were water, sleeping areas, a water tank, soap, a board game, tissue, coffee, sleeping pills, reading material, and a man-powered air-filter.

Kaufman, who died in 2004, had originally offered to build a fallout shelter for his entire block, but his neighbors reportedly declined.

Meanwhile, Otcasek says he does not plan on making any changes to the shelter.

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“I’ll leave it for the next people,” Otcasek said. “It should last forever.”