NORTHRIDGE ( — A Northridge man proposed to his girlfriend in front of thousands on Twitter.

Social media author Marsha Collier was hosting a weekly one-hour chat forum with her social media followers when she saw a surprising message.

“All of a sudden I see this tweet fly by (sent by Curt Buthman) and it says, ‘#WillYouMarryMe,’” she said.

Then Marsha saw an attached video.

“Marsha, I love you so much, will you marry me, please?” said a tearful Buthman.

Buthman, all the while, was in the next room.

“I was in the house while she was doing her chat, which is usually what happens,” he said. “That was the only way I could communicate with her sometimes.”

It took Marsha a couple minutes to respond to the loaded question.

“I started getting a little nervous. And she finally (said yes),” said Buthman.

Buthman said he then proposed in person.

Congratulations began to pour in from around the world.

“Having your friends cheer you on was really special,” said Marsha.

Curt and Marsha, who actually met on Twitter, swear the proposal wasn’t a stunt.

“This wasn’t planned. It just happened to hit. It’s a heart thing,” said Marsha.

The duo plan on getting married in the fall.

Of course, details will be released on the social media site.


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