BOYLE  HEIGHTS ( — Voters headed to the polls Tuesday to cast their ballot on election day in Los Angeles.

“I think if we want change in this city we have to come out and support our candidates and do our duty,” said Wilshire Park resident Joanne MacKenzie.

At 42nd Street Elementary School in Leimert Park, voter Mary Helen Thompson told KCAL9’s Randy Paige that she has never missed a chance to cast her ballot and be counted.

“I want to be counted. I want to be a person that’s counted and in the group,” said Thompson, who often walks to the school from her home for exercise.

“I’ve never missed voting, as long as I’ve started, years ago,” said Thompson. “When they had the poll tax against us in the South.”

City Clerk June Lagmay said the election is historic because of the number of offices that will change hands.

Aside from the contest for mayor, voters Tuesday will also decide on the race for city attorney (incumbent Carmen Trutanich vs. Assemblyman Mike Feuer), city controller (Dennis Zine vs. Ron Galperin), several city council seats and three measures regulating medical marijuana dispensaries.

“The amount of change that that speaks to, and the direction that the city can be going into is something that the individual voter needs to keep in mind,” Lagmay said.

Polling places will be open until 8p.m. Tuesday.

The City Clerk said no problems have been reported.


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