LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The rescue of three women, who were kidnapped and held captive in a house for a decade, has renewed hope for a family who is feeling a similar loss.

Crystal Tymich was six years old when she disappeared outside a neighbor’s house in South Los Angeles in 1994.

19 years later, her family still has no leads to her whereabouts.

“We never received a phone call, a letter, nothing,” Crystal’s grandfather Ray Tymich said. “As who took her, what they wanted with her. Nothing.”

Crystal’s family posted flyers throughout the Los Angeles area for years, and her family never received any information on her, despite a $10,000 reward.

(credit: FBI)

(credit:CBS/ FBI)

The FBI released a picture of what 25-year old Crystal Tymich might look like today.

“We just keep on hoping that somebody will finally give us some kind of a clue,” Mr. Tymich said.

The police searched the home of a neighbor in 2005 after bones were found on the property. However, the bones turned out to belong to animals.