GRIFFITH PARK ( — A group of young runners, many not even yet teenagers, are preparing for a race that was one of their coach’s favorites.

Gretchen Corrales won’t be there to run it with them but they plan on dedicating next week’s 10k in Glendale in her memory.

The California State Los Angeles track coach was killed last November. Gilberto Corrales, her estranged husband and a former boxer, is charged with her murder.

Just before her death, Corrales was thinking about a name for the little runners she loved to train.

Liliana Hernandez, who was mentored by Corrales, has decided on calling them the Griffith Park Bobcats.

“If you were to meet her she would change your life, get you into running,” said Hernandez, who’s taken over as coach for the Bobcats.

“I want to pass my knowledge on to the younger generation, and what’s better than kids,” Hernandez said.

The young runners spoke highly of their former coach.

“Gretchen was the best coach anyone could have. She would always be there at the end of the race screaming our names,” runner Colm Daly said.

“She was a tough coach overall, but a really good friend,” runner Keegan Schmit said.

Hernandez said the 10k in Brand Park won’t be the same without her running coach but believes she’ll be there in spirit.


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