GARDEN GROVE ( — A Garden Grove woman was arrested Thursday after more than 100 dead and living animals were found inside her home.

Patricia Martin is accused of felony animal cruelty and practicing veterinary science without a license.

A total of 109 animals – cats, rabbits, birds and a turtle – were seized from Martin’s home on Central Avenue. Deputies also confiscated medications and syringes.

Authorities say it was one of the worst hoarding cases they’ve witnessed.

“Well, I have a freezer that’s at least six foot tall, over 2.5 feet wide, and it’s full from top to bottom with cats – deceased cats,” said Lt. Brian Frick of Orange County Animal Care, who added that the animals were “frozen solid.”

Martin reportedly told officials she ran a cat adoption service out of her home, which authorities say is illegal.

“The house is in complete disarray. There’s cat feces everywhere; it’s one of the most unkempt homes I’ve been in. You know, the smell is overpowering, which is what the neighbors keep calling us about was, ‘Hey, you guys got to do something about this,” Lt. Jeff Nightingale of the Garden Grove Police Department said.

“It’s sad for the cats,” neighbor Julie Krabbe told CBS2’s Michele Gile. “I wouldn’t think anybody in their right mind would freeze a dead animal. I don’t know what she was thinking.”

Police say Patricia Martin was warned about hoarding before, when more than 100 cats were removed from the same home in 2007.