STUDIO CITY ( — Ayo Hart, co-founder of Dolphin Organics, visited the KCAL9 studios Wednesday to talk about her line of vegan personal care products.

Dolphin Organics is a line of 100% natural, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Hart believes all parents should shop organic/natural products for their children.

What ingredients should parents avoid?

• Some specific ingredients parents do not want to see in their little ones’ bath are ingredients ending with “paraben” or “sulfate”. There are also hidden potential dangers in the likes of chemicals such as 1,4 Dioxane. The risk here is that 1,4 dioxane will not be listed on the label but rather is a by-product of ethoxylation which ironically is a process used to make some ingredients gentler.

• Parents can reduce the risk of exposure to 1,4 Dioxane by avoiding ingredients such as polyethylene glycol (often referred to as PEG) and other ingredients which include “ceteareth”, “oleth” and “xynol”.

• Along the way, if parents find the Latin and INCI names difficult to decipher, they can turn to resources such as the EWG Cosmetic Database for objective third party safety ratings of products and individual ingredients.

What parents should look for when buying natural or organic for babies and children?

• Third party certification by the USDA, NSF and QAI.

• Parents should know that while one or two products from a manufacturer may be certified, it does not guarantee that all products in that line meet those requirements. An unsettling trend is occurring where manufacturers refer to all of their products as organic when in fact only a few or none are certified.

Why is it important for parents to choose natural and/or organic bath and body products for their children?

• Some people question the cost and necessity of the ever-growing trend to green parenting. Parents wonder if it is sufficient to only think about the food they are feeding their families and that green bath and body products is just hype.

• However, the decision to use natural and organic bath products is far from a craze. Rather, it is a commitment to the long-term health outcome of your child. A baby’s skin is up to five times more porous than an adult’s.

• Much of what you rub onto your baby’s skin every day ends up in her bloodstream. Therefore, it is important that what you put on your baby’s skin is pure, natural and chemical-free.

Why should parents select all natural or organic baby products?

• The skin is our largest organ. We need to be aware that much of what we rub on our skin ends up in our bloodstream.Babies and children have even more porous skin than adults so artificial fragrances, dyes, petrochemicals and other harsh ingredients are irritating to the body both inside and out.


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