SAN BERNARDINO ( — San Bernardino Police are on the hunt for two teens they say viciously attacked an 86-year-old for her purse.

Officials said the purse snatching occurred on Saturday about 3:45 p.m. in the Rite Aid parking lot on Kendall Drive.

Josephine Nash spoke with CBS2’s Stacey Butler about her ordeal.

“I was stunned,” said Nash.

She was hit from behind and knocked out cold. The two teens — believed to be black males about 15-17 — struck Nash on the head with an unknown object. They also caused severe injuries to her head and hips.

The victim said, “Who would do this to me? And why.”

The woman’s daughter says, “Because you are an easy target.”

The thieves made off with about $21, Nash’s purse and her keys and credit cards

Nash’s daughter saw her mother in a large pool of blood two car spaces away from where her mom parked. “That meant they just had to have tossed her aside,” said the daughter Kim Marzullo, “which just made me ill.”

She adds, “They would have said ‘Give me your purse. And she would have handed it over.'”

Nash spent the night in the ER — she was treated for head contusions and a displaced hip.

She told Butler from now she will “remember to look over my shoulder.”

Nash lost her husband 2 and a-half years ago. Her children have vowed to stay with her every night until the robbers are caught.

Police told Butler they have “good leads.”