RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) —  Lingzi Lu only attended UC Riverside for three months and it was three years ago, but the director of the school’s Extension Center remembers her well.

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Bronwyn Jenkins-Deas says, ” I remember her reflections on UCR and how she enjoyed her experiences here.”

Lu, of course, was one of three people killed near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday.

The 23-year-old and Chinese national was currently attending Boston University as a grad student.

But her first college student experience in America was at UC Riverside. Lu spent one quarter studying business and math at the Extension Center.

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“She got an A and A-plus. When you come from another country and are studying in another language that’s a significant accomplishment. Especially math,” says Jenkins-Deas.

Lu came to Riverside after spending two years at the Beijing Institute of Technology.

While here, she stayed with a host family. Jenkins-Deas reports they are “very, very upset.” They are so upset they have been only able to communicate by Email — they are too distraught to speak.

They did share some memories about her with Jenkins-Deas.  “They recollect her as very curious. Very interested in America and American life. They particularly remember her walking their dog Butch. That’s what they told me.”

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Lu’s death has touched people all over the world. A Facebook page in her honor is filling up with touching remembrances from those who knew her as well as comments from perfect strangers.