STUDIO CITY ( — Brighten up your home with new paint color trends for spring!

Behr Paint’s Director of Color, Erika Woelfel visited the KCAL9 studios Thursday to show viewers how to incorporate the trends into their home décor as well as ways to “do-it-yourself”.

Classic Caprice-Dining Room:

• A formal look with old-world charm and an added spice

• Pay homage to traditional design elements while incorporating a fun, modern twist with Classic Caprice.

• A new take on elegance, this trend creates an appealing contrast of old and new by adding spice to formal rooms with sizzling magenta walls or painting black borders to frame the wall and showcase the architectural details.

• Traditional antique accents and sleek furnishings amplify this contrast, creating a space that is ornate, yet still warm and welcoming.

Color Metric-Kitchen:

• A combination of cool, modern tones and geometric elements

• Inspired by the popular color blocking fashion trend, Color Metric uses geometry to create unique graphic appeal.

• By adding a “punch” of color to cool and neutral tones, this trend adds depth, balance and soft complexity to modern spaces.

• Neutral gray walls create a background and vibrant blue cabinets take center stage.

• Dark plum creates depth, while a light cognac brown balances with soft complexity.

• The result is a visually stunning and vibrant look.

Sweet Jazz-Bathroom:

• A retro and art deco theme with feminine colors

• The retro themed Sweet Jazz is a nod to the days of art deco living.

• Feminine colors and streamlined motifs capture all the fun and flirtation of the 1920s.

• Pastel jade and light pink add just the right amount of nostalgia, while dark navy trim adds a note of staccato.

• Polished chrome fixtures, oriental rugs and exotic flower patterns accent this theme, transporting homeowners back to the days of flapper dresses and speakeasies.

Après Ski-Living Room:

• A cozy, woodsy trend complete with lived-in comfort

• Warm, muted tones add comfort and hominess to this woodsy oasis. Après Ski’s lived-in look provides the perfect barrier from a cold, snowy night that can be enjoyed all-year round.

• Forest green showcases natural wood and rustic materials. Kitschy red, teal and lime keep the mood light and upbeat.

• Must-have décor elements include cozy seating, plush pillows and low lighting.

• Eclectic accent pieces create a cozy environment and a seemingly effortless doesn’t-quite-go-together appearance.


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