"Just a few more min.....&^%$#@!)+^%!"By Kent Shocknek

If we are to believe everything we read, a university student in India invented the Good Morning Sing N Shock alarm clock, because he kept missing class.  The clock rewards sleepers who hit the snooze button with a mild (he says -Ed.) electrical shock.  “…harmless, but enough to energize you,”  he says. I bet.

On my shift, there’s never time to hit the snooze button.  But I have never been able to figure out why the snooze button is so big, and the actual button to turn off the alarm –resetting for tomorrow, not disabling it for good– is so small.

And for anyone who cares; since oversleeping is not allowed on this shift, my secret is an old-fashioned clock radio on “94.7 the Wave” at 2:25 a.m., with my beeping  alarm-watch on the same nightstand, set as a back-up at 2:26.