BOSTON ( — A mother and a daughter from Orange County were separated after their dangerously close proximity to the explosions got them caught up in the chaos of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Karen McMenomy was waiting for her daughter, Candace, 32, near the finish line when the first blast occurred. About 50 seconds later, following the second explosion, McMenomy made a run for her hotel.

“We heard an explosion,” McMenomy explaind. “It was just like a cannon going off.”

Candace, a cancer survivor, was taking part in the marathon to raise money for cancer awareness.

Karen says that after her daughter was finally able to get in touch with her, her worry turned to grief as she witnessed the aftermath of the scene unfold.

“There were people running, there were people crying,” McMenomy described. “There were people helping each other up and telling each other to run.”

Three people have been confirmed dead, and over a hundred others have been injured in the explosions.



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