STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Tomorrow kicks off Thai New Year!

Executive Chef Mohan Ismail from RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen stopped by KCAL9 Friday to tell viewers about what the restaurant will offer for Thai New Year!

Thai New Year, marked by the Songkran festival, is known for its tradition of water-throwing and merry-making. It marks a new beginning and is a time for reunions of families and friends.

RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen is celebrating the tradition on Saturday, April 13 by offering complimentary shrimp toast appetizer samplers to all tables during lunch and dinner service.

Ishmail also showed viewers how to make Mango Sticky Rice.


Ingredients for dish

•             1 portion of Sticky Rice (recipe to follow)

•             3 tablespoons of sweet coconut cream

•             1 mango, Ripe, peeled and pre-sliced

•             Pinch of toasted white and black sesame seeds

•             3 tablespoons of sweet coconut cream

Serving Size: 1 person

Ingredients for Sticky Rice only

•             4 cups of Thai sticky Rice (sweet rice)

•             2 cups of sweet coconut cream

Serving Size: Yields 10 portions


Directions for dish

•             Spoon the coconut cream into a small bowl holding the sticky rice

•             Cover loosely with a lid and microwave for 1 ½ minutes

•             Remove from microwave when done and fold the cream and rice together gently with a spoon to remove any lumps

•             Place the mango on the plate and place the rice over it

•             Pack the rice gently and smooth over with an spatula

•             Sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds freely over the sticky rice

•             Heat additional coconut cream in a separate cup for 10 seconds in the microwave

•             The warm sweet coconut cream is poured over the sticky rice when ready to eat

Directions for Sticky Rice

•             Rinse the rice well. Soak overnight in water

•             After it has been soaked overnight, drain the water

•             Using a steamer, fill the bottom of the pot with water

•             Line a mixing bowl with cheesecloth

•             Place the soaked rice into the cheesecloth. Bundle it up and place in the steamer basket. Spread the rice out slightly

•             Fold the excess cheesecloth over

•             Place a lid over the basket

•             Steam for 40 minutes covered over high heat

•             Rice is done when it is translucent and just tender

•             Remove from heat and transfer the rice into a larger mixing bowl

•             Pour the sweet coconut cream into the still hot rice

•             Fold gently to incorporate and to remove any lumps

For more information, visit RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen.


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