SHERMAN OAKS ( — Single mother Christian Balbuena had looked all over for a job.

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The Sherman Oaks resident was unemployed after the clothing store where she worked moved far away.

Balbuena said she was lying in bed watching CBS2 when she saw a “Where The Jobs Are” segment recently about Home Depot.

“They said they were hiring 2,000 people and I was like, okay,  I am going to apply there,” says Balbuena.

She went online and applied for several posts — including cashier, sales associate, clerk.

Balbuena had a leg up on the competition. “I’m bilingual she says, so I added it on my application.”

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Her Spanish-speaking skills paid off during the first interview. “They asked me, ‘How do you say, do you have a Home Depot credit card?’ and I told them, ‘Tiene usted una tarjets de Home Depot?'”?

Balbuena quickly landed a good job in the appliances department. “I didn’t know anything about appliances,” she says, “so for about four days I was taking classes online here in the store.”

Helpful co-workers are helping her learn about other departments as well. Balbuena is hopeful Home Depot will keep her beyond their 90-day trial period.

Elvira Frausto, who trained Balbuena says, “She does seem like the kind of person who will be staying here after her 90-day period.”

The job is a great fit for Balbuena. It’s not only close to home, which allows her to spend more time with her daughter, flexible hours allow her to also attend college at the same time.

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Balbuena’s advice to others still pounding the pavement is simple. “Never give up. Always keep trying. Strive.”