LANCASTER ( — A 15-year-old Lancaster teen was arrested Thursday for allegedly possessing a loaded gun on school grounds.

Authorities say the principal of Desert Pathways High School, 6300 West Avenue L, received information around 7:30 a.m. that one of the students was allegedly in possession of a loaded gun.

After locating the student, the principal found that the teen was in possession of a loaded .45 caliber pistol.

The principal recovered the firearm and held on to it until deputies arrived on school grounds, located at 6300 West Avenue L.

The student told authorities he had the gun for protection when traveling to and from school.

Suraya Fadel, reporting for KCAL9, spoke to one of the teen’s friends that said he was beaten up the day before and was carrying the gun for safety.

He says he and other friends tried to convince the teen not to carry the gun to school but he insisted. Fadel quotes the friend as saying, “I told him he was risking his life and others around him and he told me he was going to [bring it] anyway.”

Deputies said there were no threats made against staff or other students.

The unidentified student was arrested for possession of a loaded firearm on school grounds and transported to the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station.


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