SAN BERNARDINO ( — San Bernardino authorities Tuesday released the 911 call made by the couple held captive in their Big Bear condominium by rogue ex-cop and accused killer Christopher Dorner.

Jim and Karen Reynolds stumbled upon the 33-year-old armed fugitive inside their rental condo at Mountain Vista Resort on Feb. 12.

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The pair said the reported cop killer ambushed them, tied them up, covered their heads with pillowcases, and threatened to kill them if they notified authorities.

Dorner then took the Reynolds’ vehicle and fled.

Around 12:20 p.m., however, the couple found a way to contact police.

The duo, whose voices were muffled because their arms were still bound, begged and pleaded for help in an agonizing 20-minute call with an emergency dispatcher.

They told the woman that they were at their cabin doing some work and had no idea Dorner was holed up inside.

“He left about 15 to 30 minutes ago?” asked the dispatcher.

“15 to 30 minutes, yes,” said Karen.

“When did he tie you up?” asked the dispatcher.

“Right before leaving he tied us up…had pillowcases over our heads,” said Karen.

“How long ago did he tie you up?” the dispatcher said.

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“It was like 15 minutes to 30 minutes ago,” said Karen.

“This all happened today?” asked the dispatcher.

“Yes,” screamed Jim in the background. “We’re still tied up!” Karen yelled.

At one point, the couple told the 911 operator that Dorner had an automatic weapon with a silencer with him.

Karen also said she was concerned about her daughter and an employee.

“Anybody else other than you and your husband that were tied up?” asked the operator.

Karen said, “We are tied up in here. I don’t know if my daughter is doing housekeeping and…the housekeeper is working outside the property. We don’t know if they are okay.”

Dorner was later cornered inside another mountain cabin. Authorities said he fatally shot himself before the structure burned to the ground during an hours-long standoff.

The Reynolds have hired a lawyer in their attempt to claim the $1 million reward offered for the capture and conviction of Dorner.


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Couple Says ‘Calm’ Dorner Tied Them Up In Big Bear Condo