HUNTINGTON BEACH ( —A 35-year-old man plans to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a group of Orange County female bounty hunters he claims severely injured him during a confrontation last month.

Daniel Duvall said the Lipstick Bounty Hunters, dressed in pink and armed with guns, tracked him down at an Arby’s in Huntington Beach because he failed to pay $4,000 he owed a bail bonds company.

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Duvall told CBS2’s Brittney Hopper the women hit him with a stun gun, pepper-sprayed him and shot him with rubber bullets while they were trying to take him into custody.

“I put my hands up…inching toward the door…and then all of a sudden she shoots me and then I got tased and I was just out that door. I couldn’t breathe. I had pepper spray in my eye, dye, I was tased,” he said.

Duvall said the attack blinded one of his eyes, broke his nose and bruised his entire body.

The victim’s attorney, Dan Gilleon, said, “They can go and say, ‘Well, we thought he was dangerous. He was a criminal.’ Whatever. It doesn’t matter. Assault and battery and you blind somebody. You pay a lot of money for it.”

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The women, who videotaped the entire incident and posted it online, claim they had every right to apprehend Duvall with the force they used.

In fact, they said they should have used more force so he wouldn’t have gotten away.

“We’re allowed to use enough force to affect an arrest,” said Teresa Golt, the owner of Lipstick Bounty Hunters.

Gilleon plans to file the lawsuit against the bounty hunters Friday.

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The women said they’re not hiring an attorney and will beat the accusations.