By Stacey Butler

SANTA ANA ( — As the Supreme Court debates on homosexual marriage, Southern Californians gathered in vigil, as anticipation of the court’s ruling grows.

Many supporters of gay rights lit candles on the federal courthouse steps in Orange County, while at the same time those in opposition prayed that proposition 8 be upheld.

In Long Beach, Same Sex Marriage supporters gathered in song and rally as support for a new ruling grows.

The First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, meanwhile, have reportedly been praying together for 50 straight hours in opposition of overturning the Prop 8 ruling.

Pastor Wiley Drake has been leading the prayer.

“Its very, very important that this court says ‘Enough is enough’,” Drake said. “We will not go against God’s rule for marriage.”

A supreme court decision is not expected until June.


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