COLTON ( — Colton Police responding to a call about a possible cockfight Saturday busted seven suspects.

Authorities said when the police arrived to the home in the 700 block of South 8th Street, an additional dozen or more subjects were able to flee on foot.

The bust occurred just after 1 p.m.

Officials said they seized 74 live roosters, 6 live hens, 40 deceased roosters, a weigh in area, a fighting arena, betting board, and fighting implements for the birds, including razor spurs.

The live animals were transported to the San Bernardino Animal Shelter.

Police identified the seven men arrested as Arturo Pina, 35, of Colton; Salvador Cuavoyo, 46, Los Angeles;  Antonio Martinez, 27, Sylmar;  Jose Carreon, 58, Los Angeles;  Rodrigo Robles-Nunez, 33, of Sylmar; Freddy Fernandez, 31, Fontana; and Hector Sandoval, 35, of Fontana.

Because Pina was described as being “in control” of the location, he was charged with “killing, maiming or abusing animals.” The other men were charged with “presence as spectator for animal fighting.”

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Detective S. McFarland at (909) 370-5000.