LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — In the ever-evolving world of journalism, more and more sources are moving away from print to  the ultimate migration to online publication.

‘Daily Variety’, longtime source for the latest of Hollywood news, has reportedly ended its print publication run, and will focus its effort towards its website.

The 80-year-old publication, that made it’s roots in the glitz and glamor of the Golden Age of Hollywood, released its final print edition on Tuesday.

Mary Murphy, of the USC Annenberg School of Communication, said that ‘Variety’ has renovated it’s website and has made it free to the public in an effort to re-establish itself on the internet.

‘Variety’ had reportedly suffered a loss in readership, likely at the hands of other entertainment-based publications that made the jump to online communication years ago.

A weekly magazine will still be released by ‘Variety’.


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