SIERRA MADRE ( — The world’s largest blossoming plant will be on display for nearly 10,000 visitors Sunday for the annual Wistaria Festival in Sierra Madre.

The vine, which grabbed the attention of the Guinness Book of World Records, sits in the backyard of homeowner Nell Solt, who has been enjoying the blossoms for the past 40 years.

“The first few years it was a lot of strange people knocking on the door. We’ve had busloads of people who come and want to see it,” she said.

Every year, the Solt’s generously open up their backyard to the public for the downtown arts and crafts festival.

“We’re a tiny, charming town and we’ve got our traditions…and this is definitely one of them,” said Mayor Josh Moran. “We try to predict when the vine is going to bloom and invite as many people up to come see it as possible.”

At its peak, the plant held as many as 1.5 million blooms, weighed 250 tons and covered more than an acre of ground.


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