VALLEY VILLAGE ( — A state senator has proposed a bill that would keep the alcohol flowing at bars and clubs until 4 a.m.

Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) introduced SB 635, which would allow California cities, including Los Angeles, to decide whether to keep bars and restaurants open past the current legal cut-off of 2 a.m.

Leno said the longer the establishment stays open, the more revenue will pile up.

“It’s not just an additional two hours of alcoholic beverage service…it’s the additional food service that will be provided and any accompanying entertainment that can be provided during those two hours,” said Leno.

Jim Rinaudo, who operates a bar in Valley Village, welcomed the idea.

“It’s kind of a bummer when the party is going good and you have to close things down a little early,” he said.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, however, is against cities having the power to choose what time bars shut down for the night.

In a statement, MADD said, “MADD advocates setting uniform statewide cut-off limits on the sale of alcoholic beverages in order to end the practice of ‘barhopping’ to find establishments with later closing hours for ‘one last drink’ with the likelihood of impaired driving as a result.”

More than 20 other cities outside of California allow liquor to be served until 4 a.m.

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