NORTH HOLLYWOOD ( — A group of senior citizens in the San Fernando Valley were set Wednesday to celebrate the opening of a new community center with a song and dance all their own.

Dozens of residents at the new NoHo Senior Arts Colony were expected to stage a “surprise” dance flash mob to mark the opening of the first-ever senior living community to have a professional theater onsite.

Designed for seniors aged 62 and older who are interested in the arts, the Colony located at Magnolia Boulevard between Cahuenga and Vineland also provides its residents with free arts classes that are held onsite.

Members of the Road Theatre Company were expected to be on hand, along with live music by The Clarence Johnston Band and an art show by local artists.

The center’s developer, Meta Housing Corporation, has developed thousands of residential units since 1969, with newer projects aimed at promoting what the company calls “active living in place” for residents to “embrace the full potential of senior living.”


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